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Hey Hello, I got wrong with most everyone androspore was handsome so why even got it whenever I wanted and always got first Rimjhim class my not so late that is I was and would never be happy with anything Watson perfection then I am I spent school so much better than the one I spent with them at home with my friend everything was perfect so much fun with my best friend's angiogram I get well and every single class in the Wi-Fi study I did not the struggle with any subject however when I write home migraines begin bugging me every single small detail had to be perfect home that I had to make my bed every morning every thing like up and get nothing but everyday except and IB grounded for long time to arrive home with an app tell me my close my eyes I mean love me and care for me deeply I understand racing me the best way to have too much for me any mistakes simply want you can imagine the stress with you every single day no 1 direct referred being in school for that I found any excuse to spend time in my friend home hydride hacking the my X about it protects plane that a new best and the one day I don't understand and IBI RBI grade 4 then I don't know in my feelings and let me the making of forest pig mistake of my young wife I wanted to Rebel against them and that's when I begin hang out with the wrong private school in happen when my Bans decided the country without asking what I want a sexy girl and a great job in that will be moving in a week time.

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I have to give up everything I had in my hometown my friends my girlfriend everything I do now I do what the my dinner I want to start a new drawing my senior your school with it hold me a was the best living in a breaker has and have more money to enjoy your free time the problem sadri time they were found someone I started my senior you in a brain new city and brain in school I decided I want to do something different something Nau Din Nau MI band I began hangout with group teenagers I'd never be an alarm before they never study of the with Drink on friends anything once there dial the have only talking back to the teacher isn't getting so they gave me the freedom that actually make mistakes understand how much I was messing with my future by hanging out with them perfect then it didn't marry me I love myself be influenced by them and I stop mein making inequalities wall mounted me the script with them and they doing nothing hanging around talking in drinking I was really a man walking bad I can impress me and everything I did wrong night dear my balance forward in for baby from hangout with students but I didn't listen sexy girl and dad working so hard that the struggle the given cheque as they had interviewed my God so bad that even with my previous history I will be graduating at the end of this year when my teacher told me this.

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I completely free tell you one thing The Hangover that used with my friend realise that watching going to be graduating know me I am handball and address change explain how I am directions to get into Thakur College and I have the great and we hate you to achieve and agreed that died when an amazing hardworking student of enjoy begin hanging out with the wrong route. That I would be given a chance to make up the paradigm is missing but I would you get if I didn't write this time you will came over wood work that I should school migrate actually get in the world rec college in proud I know it at the same time I would never time with friends however I was the one who matter in the only way to avoid women in my future in our you mistakes everything I was supposed to do with my life as we know it as I'm it with my parents direct attitude studies of time and what I could never imagine that I would meet my wife in AP School program in the classroom in there she was from header tells the most gorgeous women I never soon I must have scared open My Recharge app can ask me to take a C program to with stunning and I smile like I would insta bio I want to write that instant absolute been crowned here in big tree nice smile beautiful and so sweet in Kerala introduced Asma Samantha wiley why I had to take the squares and explain the mistakes.

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